FOR THOSE IN THE BUSINESS: The Consorzio Freschissimi has been granted ISO9001-2000 quality certification for its work in promotion, protection, control and technical assistance to its members. The reason for the choice of this certification is linked with the desire to transfer a quality management system to the member enterprises through the most objective formulation possible. Aware of how important it is nowadays to offer a controlled, certified product, the Consortium and the enterprises have taken the product certification route. And they have done it through what is currently the most complete protocol relating to the fruit and vegetable sector – in fact, the enterprises are Eurepgap (option 2) certified. Although the Eurepgap protocol is a product certification, it is not limited to the control of the vegetables put on the market, but also takes workplace safety, workers’ health and protection of the environment into account.

FOR THE CONSUMERS: Increasingly aware of the importance of the safety of the end consumer of their products, the Consorzio Freschissimi has chosen the route of certified controls. Originally it organized its structure and its system of managing promotional activities and assistance/control to the associated enterprises in compliance with ISO 9001-2000 International Standard. In addition, since the enterprises’ products are foodstuffs, it deemed it essential to establish standards that, once applied, guaranteed a safe, controlled final product. To do this, it looked for a product certification that was not limited to the product itself, but involved all the aspects of management of an agricultural enterprise and the way it carries on its work.. In this regard, at the beginning of 2003 it obtained the Eurepgap quality certification, recognized in Italy and even more so abroad.

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