The Consorzio Freschissimi was started in 1997 by a number of producers of leafy vegetables typical of the Veneto region (lettuce, rocket, valerian, radicchietto, spinach etc.). The number of members increased over the following years as a result of producers of other kinds of vegetable joining, and the range of produce was extended to include types of Veneto radicchio, leeks, sweetcorn and asparagus.
The common goal of all the member enterprises is to create a work group with objectives in the Horticulture business.
From these fundamental considerations, Freschissimi structured an organization with the following statutory objectives:

To co-ordinate the work of the member agricultural enterprises and improve their productive and commercial capacities, regulating production and improving the end quality of the vegetables. Promote and encourage consumption and awareness of the vegetables produced in Veneto.
Provide assistance to the members to facilitate and improve production, processing and marketing both in Italy and abroad of vegetables produced in Veneto, including through educational courses.
Promote and encourage consumption and awareness of other vegetables – also combined with other foodstuffs – suggesting and giving information to the public and consumers about new and more modern ways of consuming fresh vegetables.
Research and experiment the production of new types of product and new systems of cultivation and preservation of branded products in collaboration with university faculties, Veneto agriculture, CNR (National Scientific Research Council) and other bodies in the sector.

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