The Freschissimi Consortium presently has 21 members in the provinces of Venice, Padua and Verona. The structure is very streamlined and as a result, very effective. It is comprised of the following bodies:

  • the members general meeting
  • the board of directors (made up of five members)
  • the Chairman and the Vice-Chairman
The current Chairman is Mr. Luciano Quaggio email:
Quaggio Luciano
The Vice.Chairman is Mr. Gastone Marcon
Dr. Disarò Emilio is in charge of technical assistance to the enterprises email:
Disaro Emilio
Miss Elisa Sturaro is in charge of administration email:

The technical group has the job of putting the decisions of the Board of Directors and the members’ meeting into action. The section managing the quality system is of particular importance as the products dealt with are destined for human consumption.

- Sede del Consorzio: Via 2 Giugno, 43 - 30010 Campagna Lupia (Venezia) - Italy - telefono +39 041 460797 - Fax +39 041 5145021 -